Above Dusk – A Solo Exhibit by Kara Ruth Snyder

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts – February 1 through April 7, 2013

“Above Dusk” is an exhibit which investigates the subtle potentialities of the human spirit in its on-going search for meaning in the face of change or loss.  By drawing from my own personal experience of major vision loss, as well as through the study of the personal accounts of Holocaust survivors, I have created this body of work that strives to harness both the expansive range of human emotion and the amazing ability of a person to adapt to difficult situations. “Above Dusk” implies that a lived moment exists concurrent to a certain perceived reality.  However, there also exists  a movement of energy, which defines the latent  possibility of being imbued with a deep sense of meaning.  During times of loss on both an individual level and a mass-scale, such as was experienced by Holocaust survivors, one is challenged to redefine how-one-defines-oneself. The word “dusk” denotes an ending of some kind, but it is through the presence of light that dusk appears.

5% of all sales will benefit The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Center for theArts is located at :
6300 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232