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What Defines Visual Art? Reflections of an Artist Losing Physical Vision

As Vision Fades…            I am not sure quite where to begin.  I am literally unable to decide what to do.  My vision is almost completely gone and I am still trying like hell to be the visual artist I have always been.  I am not sure how much longer I can… read more

“Portals”-Painting as Meditation

Painting as a Path to Higher Consciousness    I’d like to describe how painting serves as a living, breathing meditation for me.  Painting allows one to access truth through slowing the mind down and enabling one to perceive reality through the immediacy of the materials and tools one works with.   Pictured below is the… read more

On the Physicality of Painting

       Being Drawn to the Canvas   Encountering a blank canvas is a magnetic experience for me.   What is it that draws me to the surface and fills me with excitement for aesthetic possibilities?I usually start a large canvas by generously slopping on water with a big house painting brush.  This is… read more