Kara Ruth Snyder Exhibits Two New Abstract Paintings


“Black and White” 
Kara Ruth Snyder, "Nocturne", acrylic and pumice on canvas, January 2011Exhibition at the Fein Art Gallery in Pittsburgh


 “Nocturne” – A black and white acrylic abstract painting

I have two abstract acrylic paintings in this new and thought-provoking exhibition at The Fein Art Gallery located on Pittsburgh’s North Side at 519 East Ohio Street. The show features the work of many artists  and includes a variety of art forms.
The piece on the right is titled “Nocturne”.  It is black and white acrylic and pumice on a 24 x 36″ canvas.  I began this painting with water and pumice gel.  I allowed this to dry for a bit and then I went in with no thought  in mind except to have a full blown immersion into the process of “playing” with the medium.  I applied paint thickly with brushes, palette knives, fingers and thumbs.  There seemed to be an endless cycle of adding paint, first white, then black, and then merging to grey and then removing paint and then starting all over again.  Eventually, after being somewhat lulled into a trance, I went in with a smaller brush and added accents and bold markings.
This piece is for sale.  If interested in purchasing this painting, or to see more work, please contact The Fein Art Gallery or visit their website at www.feinartgallery.com. 


“Mother and Son” – another black and white acrylic abstract painting 


Kara Ruth Snyder, "Mother and Son", acrylic and pumice on canvas, 24 x 36", January 2011.

 This painting was created in much the same way as the other one.  Thick application and removal and re-application of paint was carried out in a cyclical manner.  The childlike markings were wrought with a bold application of paint and show an expressionistic style.  I did this painting over the course of many hours.  It is inspired by my son E.
This piece is also for sale.  If interested in purchasing this painting, or to see more work, please contact The Fein Art Gallery or visit their website at www.feinartgallery.com.  
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-Kara Ruth Snyder 

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