“Portals” – Kara Ruth Snyder Solo Exhibition at the Nutting Gallery, West Liberty University, October 2013


PORTALS:  Abstract acrylic and mixed media paintings by Kara Ruth Snyder are inspired by meditation and are presented as potential doorways into (or out of) the consciousness of both artist and viewer.

Kara Ruth Snyder, "Soul on Fire" 2013 


A portal is a doorway, an access, an exit or an entrance, a gate.  In this collection of recent work, the artist shares the artistic results of her disciplined practice of meditation.  Her art process is a challenge to lose the ego by manipulating the physical elements that make up the painting and then letting the materials speak for themselves.  Striving to create from a more universal consciousness, the painting then becomes a record of her meditative experiences.  The piece continues to do its work by acting as a portal.  The borders of the painting itself mimic a window…a two-way street where the art is a “snapshot” from the mind of the artist and the viewer is invited to form their own perceptions.  The size and orientation of the work, the pigment, the gestural direction of the brushstrokes and markings, all meld together to have an energetic impact, conscious or not, upon the viewer.  The artwork/portal also beckons the viewer to meditate for a moment, perchance expanding his or her existential awareness.  

A portal is a path taking you from one set of parameters to another. Interestingly, in addition to the painting itself, the act of painting, the electronic sharing of imagery, and the gallery space that houses the artwork also act as pathways.  This path may be transformative for some, potentially leading to higher levels of consciousness. 

Show runs from October 2 through October 26, 2013 at the Nutting Gallery at West Liberty University